Where is home?  

My partner & I were contemplating this on the weekend as we settle into our new Sydney life. 

If home is where I was born & spent the first couple of years of my life, then it’s a refugee camp on the Thai border that no longer exists. 

If it’s where I was raised and educated than I’m lucky to call Melbourne, Australia home. 

If home is where my roots and heritage lies, then I’m proud to say it’s a magical country called Cambodia. 

If it’s my current postal address and where I sleep at night, then I feel blessed to say it’s Sydney. 

If home is where I feel most alive, then it’s on the open road, exploring a new place. 

To me, home is where I feel the most balanced & at peace. It’s where I feel the most connected to the source & to my heart. It is where I feel safe, comfortable and secure. And at that very moment, with him, relaxing on our new couch, I felt right at home ️

‘Home is not only the place where you sleep, but it’s the place where you stand.. it has more to do with a piece of your soul, not soil.’  – Pico Iyer

Where do you call home? 

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