I’ve never been great with commitment. I would always struggle to make plans beyond next week, let alone committing to plans, a person or a goal.

I realised living this way didn’t serve me so I started to rethink things. I started to make plans & set goals that expanded my truth. 

In time, I learned that in order for me to be happy, I would ask myself 7 questions before I would commit to a goal (a person, a job, or anything for that matter).

And when the decision to uproot my life and follow my heart to Sydney needed to be made, it was only by returning to these 7 questions that I knew it was the right decision. 

  1. Does going after this dream make me feel like I’m making progress? Like I’m growing? Like I’m moving forward?
  2. Does this desire make me feel more like myself?
  3. Do I think I feel freer when I achieve this?
  4. Does going after this goal (not reaching it, but the actual pursuit of it) light me up, even if it means hard work?
  5. Does this opportunity clearly create more opportunities?
  6. Does saying no to things so I can pursue this goal ultimately make me feel lighter?
  7. Do I feel in total integrity with my heart?

What questions do you ask yourself when making big life decisions? 

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