Roaming Hearts take 5 with the brains, hearts and beauty behind newly launched, social enterprise, youforher.

Can you give our readers some background about your journey to starting youforher?

We both worked together in previous years in management consulting in Sydney. We loved working together and became great friends. After Jacqui left the corporate world for a small town in France over a year ago, she was keen to start something on her own and dive into entrepreneur life. Separately, we both were at the stage in our lives longing for a greater purpose in what we do and wanting to make a positive impact in the world. We were both strong believers of ‘profit-for purpose’, profitable businesses that give money back to those in need, rather than only to shareholders. 

Hind, being Moroccan, LOVES argan oil and always knew it was a secret treasure of Morocco that hardly any Australians knew about. She had been wanting to connect Morocco and Australia through argan oil for some time but a busy life was getting in her way of starting anything alone. Once Hind introduced argan oil to Jacqui, she was just as hooked! This was the start of our youforher adventure together. 

We were so excited to sell a product that is not only amazing and high quality, but is also hand-made by local Moroccan women in cooperatives working to improve their lives. It was always incredibly important to us to work ethically and give back to communities. Women’s equality and empowerment has always been an important issue to both of us, especially Hind coming from Morocco herself. Only half as many women compared to men in Morocco are literate, with most rural women never leaving their full-time homemaker role. We really want to support these women and young girls of these communities with education to provide them with opportunities that they would never normally receive.

What do you hope to achieve with the business?

With youforher we aim to provide a product that is not only high quality, natural and made with love, but also helps make this world a better place. We aim to share love, kindness and compassion in all that we do. 

Ultimately long term, we want to provide global access to authentic, organic, high quality products made from unique, untapped places. Each product will be ethically sourced, with profits being given back to the communities who made it, with a core focus on women’s equality. Our first journey is argan oil!

You have a unique understanding of Australia, Morocco and France, where do you hang your hat? 

Hind has very recently obtained Australian citizenship! So she is now a proud equal citizen of Morocco, France and Australia. “My head is French but my heart is half Moroccan, half Australian,” Hind says. 

Australia has always been ‘home’ to Jacqui, but now with strong ties to France (her husband is French, and they are currently living in France), ‘home’ is starting to shift. “I’ll always be Aussie at heart, but Annecy (in France) is very much growing on me! I think I’ll forever have a solid foot in both countries,” Jacqui says.

We love to travel, and want to ensure we do it as mindfully & consciously as possible. How do you both like to travel & any tips?

We both love to explore. We have spent a lot of time in our lives travelling all over the world to discover new surroundings, cultures and ourselves. With both of us now living away from our home countries, we always prioritise travelling back to our respective homes each year to see our loved ones. We each plan other getaways to new places when we can; often somewhere that brings us back to nature. 

Our top tips:

  • Discover yourself: Travel can bring you back to your true self and your identity. By being away we can express all the different facets of self. By travelling and moving away from home we are less constrained by how our family and friends see us and we can bring more freely our authentic self. Beyond travelling, living in different countries have allowed us to discover parts of ourselves that we wouldn’t have if we stayed home.

  • Show kindness to cultures: Embrace and respect the traditions and cultures that surround you. It is always amazing to learn the history and lifestyle of the locals. It opens our hearts and minds, and provides perspective to how we ourselves should live our lives.

  • Show kindness to the environment: Carbon-offset your flight. Walk, ride a bike or take public transport over cars when you can. BYO drink bottle for refills rather than buying plastic. Be kind to the earth and help pick up any waste sadly left behind by other travellers. Spend your money enjoying experiences over material things. We all need to do our part to minimise our environmental impact. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Hind: The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Try not to focus on the fears of the past or the anxieties of the future and instead just be present. This is when happiness comes.

Jacqui: What gives you energy is to take complete control of your own actions, emotions and decisions in life. What takes your energy is to worry about things you have no control over, especially the actions of others. Focus on the things that give you energy in life, not the things that take it.

Here at Roaming Hearts, we were particularly inspired when first connecting with you and we know our readers will be too, how can they get involved in the community you’re building?

We’d love for you all to get involved with us and our community! 

You can follow our journey and learn more about our argan oil, the women we’re working with in Morocco and about Morocco itself through our instagram and facebook page. We would love you to share our story with any friends, family or other entrepreneurs, especially those building or wanting to build a ‘profit-for-purpose’!

To discover more about our argan oil products, its benefits, argan oil recipes, and to keep connected, visit our website and sign up to our newsletter. Here we will also be posting stories of the women in Morocco and details of our impact on the women communities once we are further up and running.

Most importantly, we encourage you to put love, kindness and compassion into all of your actions and decisions in life, especially as a consumer. This is the greatest thing anyone can do to help make this world a better place.If you would like to have a chat directly with us, shoot us an email at 🙂

Read More About youforher and view the release of their products at

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